In line with the goals of the Porto Energy Hub, several energy efficiency projects for buildings and renewable energy production have been supported in order to identify measures to improve thermal and energy performance. Find some examples below.


Chouso Housing Complex, Matosinhos

The housing complex, located in the parish of Santa Cruz do Bispo, was built in 1999 and comprises 60 units under the jurisdiction of MatosinhosHabit. The Porto Energy Hub team also supported the complex in identifying energy efficiency measures aimed at improving the thermal comfort and health conditions of residents. This intervention, which is scheduled to begin in 2023, has been budgeted at 2.6 million euros and is expected to take approximately two years to complete.

Ponte do Carro Housing Complex, Matosinhos

The residential complex of Ponte do Carro, located in the parish of Guifões and consisting of 20 units managed by MatosinhosHabit, will undergo rehabilitation interventions to improve the living conditions of its residents. The project, budgeted at 1.7 million euros, also received support from the technical team of Porto Energy Hub in identifying energy efficiency improvements at the building envelope level (such as insulation of walls, roofs, and replacement of glazed windows) and in the water heating systems. These interventions aim to enhance the habitability and energy efficiency of the housing units, ultimately benefiting the community living in Ponte do Carro.

Seixo II Housing Complex, Matosinhos

With a set of 94 homes built in 1999, Seixo II is part of the group of residential complexes to be renovated during 2023 in the municipality of Matosinhos. With the support of Porto Energy Hub, the interventions in this housing complex are budgeted at 3.6 million euros and will have a duration of 28 months.

Recarei Housing Complex, Matosinhos

Located in the parish of Leça do Balio, the residential complex of Recarei comprises 154 housing units and was built in 2002. The intervention, scheduled to begin in 2023 and costing around 3.7 million euros, aims to improve the energy and thermal performance of the units by insulating walls and roofs, replacing glazed openings, and replacing water heating systems.

Sobreiro Housing Complex, Maia

The rehabilitation of blocks 41 to 47 of the Sobreiro Housing Complex will begin in 2023. To comply with the “1º Direito” financing program, the identified energy efficiency measures were assessed according to the Energy Certification System, estimating energy savings of about 70%. In addition to energy rehabilitation, these blocks will constitute a renewable energy community with production and sharing of electricity among the blocks and the possibility of integration with other nearby entities.

Custió Housing Complex, Matosinhos

The intervention in the 154 units of the housing complex belonging to the parish of Leça do Balio and built in the year 2000 will soon begin. The support provided by the Porto Energy Hub team identified energy savings opportunities of around 35%, with planned interventions in the opaque and glazed envelope and installation of a 100 kWp photovoltaic system for self-consumption of renewable electricity. The intervention, budgeted at 11.2 million euros, will last for approximately 32 months.

Cardosas Housing Complex, Póvoa de Varzim

The support of Porto Energy Hub in the intervention of this housing complex arises in the context of an ongoing project, seeking to improve the thermal comfort of the houses, reduce the energy bill, and carbon footprint associated with energy use. The opening of a new contract allowed the Porto Energy Hub team to assist the municipality in identifying and proposing measures that include thermal insulation of the roof, replacement of glazed windows, and the installation of a photovoltaic unit of approximately 30 kWp for resident self-consumption.

Cardosas Housing Complex, Póvoa de Varzim

The PEH team has been supporting, both technically and in terms of licensing procedures with competent entities, the development of the first renewable energy community in the Agra do Amial Housing Complex, located in the municipality of Porto. With the installation of 100kWp of photovoltaic capacity, this project will provide renewable electricity to approximately 150 units managed by the municipal company Domus Social. The investment of about 140 thousand euros made by the Municipality of Porto will allow these residents to reduce their electricity costs, mitigating potential situations of energy poverty.