Porto Energy Hub assumes goals of the Porto Climate Pact

The project will contribute to accelerating the achievement of carbon neutrality in the city by mitigating energy poverty.

04/05/2022 | ± 1  Minutes of Reading

Porto Energy Hub will assume the position of “armed arm” to accelerate the achievement of the goals inscribed in the Porto Climate Pact. Specifically, by focusing on combating energy poverty and increasing energy resilience, the project will promote the Porto municipality’s objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 85% by 2030.

Created in January, the Porto Pact for the Climate aims to involve citizens, companies and institutions in the city in achieving carbon neutrality. Porto Energy Hub is associated with this mission, by encouraging the access of inhabitants and entities (public and private) to an efficient use of energy and the production of renewable energy.

Get to know the Porto Climate Pact in detail from this link.