Porto Energy Hub discusses with industry companies a new financing model to promote energy efficiency

29/11/2022 | ± 2 Minutes of Reading

Porto Energy Hub recently promoted a workshop to publicize a plan that facilitates investment in combined energy efficiency and renewable energy production interventions.


Among other benefits, the implementation of the proposed financing model could support municipalities and housing management entities in implementing energy efficiency measures for which public funding is not always available. By attracting private entities, through counterparts such as renewable production or electric mobility, the financing of energy efficiency interventions with high payback periods is thus facilitated.


This financing model was presented and discussed with several companies in the energy sector to collect feedback on the attractiveness and feasibility of the proposal. The workshop, which took place in the Building of the Municipal Environmental Company of Porto – Porto Ambiente – was attended by, among others, EDP Comercial, I-Sete, SmartWatt, EcoInside and Cleanwatts.