Porto Energy Hub participates in APEMETA Workshop on Energy Efficiencyin Construction

The session focused on the topic of energy poverty.

16/05/2022 | ± 2 Minutes of Reading

Porto Energy Hub was, on the 13th of May, at the Tektónica Fair – Parque das Nações – to present the project at a workshop on Energy Efficiency in Construction.

During the session, the biggest challenges of energy poverty were discussed, as well as funding opportunities and national initiatives in place to mitigate the problem, including the Porto Energy Hub.

In addition to the presence of AdEPorto to promote the Porto Energy Hub, the Workshop was also promoted by the CENSE – Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research – Energy and Climate – FCT-NOVA, Torres Vedras City Council, Calouste Gulbenkian’s Foundation and was moderated by RdA Climate Solutions.