Porto Energy Hub starts to mitigate energy poverty in the North region

The project will promote energy efficiency in buildings and encourage self-consumption

from renewable energy sources.

01/06/2021 | ± 3 Minutos de Leitura

Work on the Porto Energy Hub has officially started. The project, financed under the Horizonte 2020 program, has as its main objective the mitigation of energy poverty in the North region.

In line with the goals defined in documents such as the National Energy and Climate Plan 2030, the Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality 2050 or the Long-Term Strategy for Building Renovation, Porto Energy Hub will act in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Specifically, the project will support citizens, municipalities, cooperatives and housing management entities in the promotion of energy efficiency in buildings and in the promotion of individual and collective self-consumption of energy, from clean sources – in this context, the implementation of around 12 MW of renewable energy systems.

To facilitate interaction with potential stakeholders, the Porto Energy Hub will be available through a physical and virtual One-Stop-Shop, and will provide access to legal, financial and technical solutions.

Coordinated by the Porto Energy Agency, the project Consortium has three partners: RdA Climate Solutions, S317 Consulting and TELLES Advogados.